Nolan B901-R N-Com Bluetooth Communication Kit for N44, N1005, N104, N87, N405, N40 Helmets

The N-Com B901-R is the revolutionary new N-Com communication system, specifically designed for the N1005, N104, N87, N44, N405 and N40 helmets. The innovative installation system mounts between the helmet shell and EPS liner by simply releasing the shell sealing edge and inserting the n-com® B901-R. Traveling by motorcycle is now all the more pleasant: with B901-R it is possible to communicate with 4 motorcycles up to 700 meters (in open terrain, with no obstacles), listen to the integrated FM radio, and set up the system easily with your PC from home.

FM radio integrated with RDS: Search for radio stations, 6 pre-settings
Telephone via Bluetooth: answering, hanging up, voice commands, redialing the last number (for telephones that allow it), intercom/phone automatic management
Automatic exclusion of intercom and of the connected audio source during a telephone conversation. Automatic reconnection at the end of the phone call
"Conference Call" function: 3-way telephone call between Pilot, Passenger and caller
"Pilot/Passenger" intercom via Bluetooth
BIKE-TO-BIKE intercom via Bluetooth up to 800 meters (in open field, with no obstacles)
Intercom 4 bikes: one-to-one communication. "Bike to Bike Call" Function
Bluetooth connection to A2DP Mp3 players: Play, Pause, Stop, Skip directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile)
Connection via Bluetooth to compatible satellite navigators: directions, MP3 music, mobile phone (for models that allow it)
Compatible via Bluetooth with all Bluetooth communication systems of the N-Com, X-Series and MULTI lines
Upgradable firmware