MRA X-Creen Sports Motorcycle Windshield Spoiler - Clear or Light Tint, MRUXCSA-0 or MRUXCSA-1


Designed with the benefit of knowledge gained from decades of aerodynamic screen development, the new X-creen offers a large spoiler - adjustable by hand, without the need for tools - to provide the best airflow variation and tailored wind protection for you, in all weather conditions - all year round. Spoiler measurement: 26cm x 10cm

Available in a clear or smoked grey tinted finish, X-creen offers you the choice of two hinge systems - both supplied with your screen - providing a wider range of movements both in angle and also vertical height variation (by much as 11cm / 4.25") for maximum adjustability and comfort.

This spoiler includes a clamp kit which allows you the choice of drilling the screen to mount or attaching the spoiler via the clamps provided.

Included in the kit:
•Spoiler Blade
•Single Pivot Arm*
•Double Pivot Arm*
•Mounting Hardware - Drilling & Clamping

*Two interchangeable pivot arms included. Single pivot arms allow for a change in angle of the variable blade and the double pivot arms allow for angle and height adjustments.