Rain Off Gloves


Rain-Off Over Gloves

  • 100% waterproof. Welded seams make these overgloves 100% waterproof. They simply can't leak!
  • Up to 50% warmer - They make excellent windbreakers keeping M/C gloves at higher air temperatures. Great for extra warmth in fine cold weather.
  • Light weight - Made from strong flexible polyester. Minimal loss of feeling in fingers if any.
  • Index finger free - Designed with index finger free to operate brake-clutch levers, zips, keys & lifting visors etc.
  • Favorite gloves - You can still wear your favorite gloves in wet weather, but be completely warm & dry with Rain-off overgloves.
  • Last longer - your leather gloves will last longer with no exposure to wet weather
  • Rain-Off Overgloves - worn over all waterproof Motor Cycle gloves now makes them 100% waterproof.
  • More wet weather riding - You'll do more wet weather riding now the most difficult part of the body to keep comfortable in wet weather riding is warm & dry.
  • Rain-Off''s - Made with elastic and toggle buttons to pull the gauntlels tight against the arm keeping the wet from running into your gloves.
  • Gauntlet hand inlets - designed with gauntlets to cover the longest gloves. Therefore keeping cold wind & rain from entering up sleeves.
  • More economical - than spending $$$'s on expensive {possibly} waterproof gloves.
  • Visor friendly - You can wipe your visor absolutley clear with no scratching or annoying smearing and smudging.

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