Axo Striker 9 to 5 Boots

The stunning AXO STRIKER boot has real street attitude plus a very plush fit. The boot is very easy to put on and remove. Simply click the knob out to release the tension and slide the foot out. To open the boot, just pull the tongue forward, slide your foot into the boot, click the knob in and turn until the cable tension is just right. This unique boot tensioning system uses a thin stainless steel cable that is controlled by the adjustment knob on the heel to pull the boot tight. This space-age system will make boot laces something your kids will remember their grandparents by.

Unique BOA Technology® ratcheting closure system
Braided stainless steel wire
Above the ankle height on both sides of the boot
Unique rubber moulded toe cap
PU moulded heel cap
Fully wrapping bonded sole
Mesh and ergonomic foam interior
Perforated sides and suede heel panels

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