Dynaplug Carbon Ultralight Puncture Repair, HL1239


Introducing the new and improved Dynaplug® LITE, now MADE IN THE USA. 
The Dynaplug® LITE is a puncture repair system for tubeless tyres, consisting of an aluminum body and a removable stainless steel insertion tube (to hold the repair plug). The repair plug, is rubber impregnated cord mounted to a pointed, non-abbrasive brass tip.  This ensures ease of insertion and secure sealing for over 97% of punctures.According to research by Michelin cited in Automobile Magazine (April 1990, page 45-47), 97.5% of crown punctures are made by objects 4.6mm or less in diameter.

The Dynaplug®  LITE has been tested in bias ply and steel belted radial tires in all weather conditions and is suitable for repair of punctures in tubeless tires that range in tread thickness from 3/16"to 1-1/8" at the point of puncture. Dynaplug® LITE was designed for use on cars and small trucks but has found extensive use on motorcycles, lawn equipment, ATV's, golf carts and farm implements.

Dynaplug® LITE is the most advanced tyre repair tool on the market. It is the only tool which does not require a process of reaming or adhesives that can compromise the integrity of your tyre.

Simply remove the object that has punctured the tyre, insert a plug into the puncture hole and pull the tool out of the tyre!  After the tool is pulled away from the puncture site, the plug is held firmly in place by both the compression of the tyre against the plug and the plug’s instant bonding, visoelastic rubber impregnated cord.

The Dynaplug® LITE includes everything to make professional repairs; all packed and ready to store neatly in the handle.  A Dynaplug® repair typically will last the life of your tyre.

The Kit includes the Dynaplug Tool, 4 plugs (one plug is already loaded in the tool) and the cleaner.

WARNING! The Dynaplug is NOT suitable for cuts, tears or sidewalls.