GIVI Tanklock Tank Bag, ST611


The GIVI Tanklock System eliminates the need for straps and magnets, and it's specially welcomed on all those motorcycles with a plastic tank. A sturdy polypropylene retaining ring is mounted to the frame of the gas cap on the tank, and the bag is locked in position by the patented quick release mechanism. The operation is extremely quick: just drop the bag in place to lock it and pull the red spring loaded tab to release it.

The gas cap remains easily accessible to fill-up at the gas station and the positioning of most bags is adjustable by moving the whole mount back or forward on the base plate.

• Thermoformed EVA coated: 900DDD polyester and PU

As standard:
• Rain cover
• Compatible puller for hooking a security padlock (not included)
• Window with neoprene pocket to accommodate 6.9 inch smartphones
• Cable outlet compatible with Givi Power Hub charging system
• Ergonomic carrying handle
• Shoulder strap for transport
• Reflective pattern prints for greater visibility


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