GIVI Trekker 33L or 46L Pannier/Top Case, TRK33N, TRK46N


The new GIVI Trekker comes in two capacities, 33L and 46L and each can be used on either side of the motorcycle, either as pannier boxes or as a top case. Of rugged construction, the Trekkers feature a novel opening lid that works as a normal hinged lid for side opening in pannier mode or top loading as a top case, however, the lids also feature a partial lid-within-a-lid that allows partial opening for retrieving smaller items. This 2nd lid works well when the Trekkers are used as panniers because it allows similar access to a top-loading pannier. The advantages being that the pannier's contents don't end up on the ground when the pannier lid is opened.

Please note that shipping costs to WA are an additional $15 making $40 due to the weight and size of the shipping box. Add $20 to the above for shipping costs for the panniers purchased as a pair.