GIVI Rapid Release Pannier Frames for Triumph Tiger 800 XC/XR 2011>, PLR6409


The GIVI PLR6409 Rapid Release side case fitment rack for the 2011> Triumph Tiger 800 and 800XC/XR allows fitment of most Givi Monokey side cases (see note below).  The PLR6409 side case racks allow secure keyed attachment of Givi sidecases and quick removal of the cases when not needed. An added feature of the PLR6409 Rapid Release side racks is that they can be easily removed when they are not needed. The PLR6409 side case fitment kit comes complete with instructions and all hardware needed to install your GIVI Monokey side cases. 

Note: Allows fitment of all Givi Monokey side cases with the exception of the V35 and Trekker Outback Aluminum side cases, which require different racks. Please see application charts for rack availability. Please contact us if you have any questions.