GIVI Rapid Release Pannier Frames for Honda Crossrunner 800 2011>14, PLXR1104

GIVI PLXR1104 pannier frames are designed to fit the motorcycle Honda Crossrunner 800. These easy to fit tubular pannier frames are designed to take Givi V35 panniers only. They can be fitted independently from, or in conjunction with a GIVI Top Case Rack.

The PLXR1104 features a rapid detachable frame system, allowing the user to attach and remove the frames with ease. This means that when you are not using your panniers, you can remove the unsightly frame structure too. PLXR1104 pannier frames feature special semi-turn screws, these allow you to detach the main structure of the frames from its inconspicuous supports. These supports are circled in red in the image above. Please note you must move the indicators from their original position.