GIVI Rapid Release Pannier Frames for BMW R1200GS 2013>, PLR5108

The GIVI PLR5108 rapid release pannier fitment frames for the BMW R1200GS allows fitment of most Givi Monokey panniers. The PLR5108 pannier frames allow secure keyed attachment of Givi Monokey panniers and quick removal of the from the R1200GS as needed. An added benefit of the Givi PLR5108 Rapid Release tubular pannier frames is that they can easily be removed when not needed. This fitment kit comes complete with instructions and all hardware needed to install your GIVI pannier frames.

Note: Includes a pair of frames (one for each side of the bike). Allows fitment of all Givi Monokey panniers with the exception of the V35 and Trekker Outback Aluminum panniers.