GIVI Rapid Release Pannier Frames to fit V35 Panniers to Honda VFR800F 2014>18, PLXR1132

The GIVI PLXR1132 rapid release side case rack for the Honda VFR800F (2014+) allow for the fitment of Givi Monokey V35 panniers. The PLXR1132 tubular sidecase racks allow for secure keyed attachment of Givi V35 side cases and quick removal of the cases as needed. An added benefit of the PLXR1132 rapid release rack system is that they are easily removable when not needed.

Note: This sidecase fitment kit works with the V35 panniers only. Currently the PLXR1132 can only be mounted in tandem with the 1132FZ topcase rack. In the near future there will be a 1132KIT which will allow for the fitment of the PLXR1132 without the 1132FZ.