Continental Trail Attack 3 110/80x19 and 150/70x17 Special Deal


Aussie Biker recommends and uses Continental Trail Attacks on its rental fleet of BMW R1200GS, Tiger 800 and V-Strom rental bikes and frequently sees 13,00km to 15,000km plus out of a set of tyres.


The most agile on/off road tire, 100% trust from the start for modern and powerful adventure tourers. (80% on Road/ 20% off Road)

  • Shortest warm up time - Optimal temparture reached within the first 1500 metre
  • Performance over Time - Built to ensure the highest constant level of perfomance even after thousands of kilometres due to a mix of MultiGrip.
  • Easy Handling: Gives the tyre linear handling characteristics, improving accuracy and ground feelng in all riding situations. Comfrotable and easy for all demands, whether on long rides of winding roads with balanced characteristics from the first to the last kilometre. 
  • MultiGrip: Technology uses an advanced curing method used to create a continuious transition between the shoulders of the tyre, where it is made more flexiable for grip and the central tread areawhere it becomes more wear resistent. This offers better handling, feedback and wear characteristics than "Multi-Layer" designs
  • Rain Grip: Compound and tread pattern design combined for best wet grip.
  • Zero Degree: 0° steel belt construction guarantees excellect stablility at high speeds.




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