Trail Attack 3

Widely acknowledged as the tyre of choice for the adventure rider when excellent road grip combined with outstanding longevity is required. Factors including the 8mm tread depth and 'MULTI-GRIP' heat processes during manufacture that distribute the right proportion of centre 'hardness' and edge 'softness', contributing to maximum centre wear and maximum edge grip. Rated by Conti as 80% road/20% dirt.

The Continental Trail Attack with its strong sidewall and carcass construction also works well on forestry roads as well as hard packed outback dirt roads however if the main emphasis is dirt road riding then the excellent Continental TKC70 or TKC80 tyre should be considered.

The Trail attack is the perfect tyre for the long outback sealed roads in Australia due to the excellent wear longevity yet when the twisty bits appear, this tyre will grip point and brake with the best of them. Quite simply an awesome tyre!