Continental Sport Attack 4 160/60ZR17


Maximum grip with Black Chilli Performace, accurate and easy handling for the most powerful superbikes

  • Black Chilli: Support Compound gives more grip and improved traction thanks to the lastest compound while also providing fast warm-up and for confidence from the first kilometres
  • Multi Grip: Technology uses advanced curing method used to create a continuious transition between the shoulder of the tyre, where it is made more flexible for grip and the central tread area where it becomes more wear resistant. This offers better handling, feedback and wear characteristics than "Multi-Layer" designs.
  • Grip Limit Feedback: Technology along with a new profile design gives a high degree of feedback to the rider at extreme lean angles giving a higher level of control at the limit.
  • Rain Grip: Developed with a delicate balace of Carbon Black, for fast warm-up and maximum grip, and Silica, for its wet grip characteristics.
  • Zero Degree: 0° steel-belt construction guarentees excellent stability at high speeds.
  • Traction Skin: Ensures an extremely safe and short break in time. Ready to Ride  

Also Suitable for hobby race track use (without tire warmers)