100/90T19 TKC70 TL F 57T


Rugged off-road capacity and balanced street performance (60% On-Road / 40% Off-Road)

  • Uniquely constructed tread block pattern makes the TKC70 quiet and stable on the road while still providing good off-road capability. Slick band on rear tyre for added mileage and comfort.
  • Multi-Grip: Technology uses an advanced curing method used to create a continuous transition between the shoulder of the tyre, where it become more wear resistant. This offers better handling, feedback and wear characterisitcs than "Multi-layer" designs.
  • Rain-Grip compound, developed with a delicate balance of Carbon Black, for fast warm-up and maximum grip, and Silica, for its wet grip characteristics.
  • Traction Skin is a revolutionary micro-rough tread surface, which virtually puts an end to trye break-in. This is possible due to a mold coating technology that eliminates the need for greesy tyre release agents.
  • Zero Degree: 0° steel-belt construction guarantees excellent stability at high speeds. 

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