Conti TKC70

The Conti TKC70 provides solid off-road capability and fantastic street performance combined with great tyre life due to its 10mm rear tread depth. As an all-rounder, this tyre is very hard to beat, agile on streets and safe on gravel roads.

The TKC70 is rated as 60% road/40% off-road use. The unique tread block pattern makes the TKC70 quiet and stable on the road while still providing good off-road capability. It's sporting on-road performance will astound, it really is that good!

MultiGrip: Continentals own semi-dual compound technology allows different levels of hardness on the central tread and shoulder area (more mileage and improved grip)

RainGrip: New compound with outstanding grip in wet weather conditions and very short warm-up phase