Option 1. Basic

Basic Motorcycle Insurance Cover is included in the rental charges at no additional cost. The Basic Insurance Cover covers the hirer for theft and damage to the motorcycle including third party property damage for any amount over and above the amount of the insurance excess (deductible). This means that the hirer is liable for the full amount of the insurance excess (deductible) if any combined damage or loss to the hired motorcycle and any third party property, exceeds the amount of the insurance excess (deductible), plus any motorcycle retrieval costs, subject to conditions below.

Option 2. VIP 

The VIP option allows the insurance excess (deductible) and security bond to be reduced by half. In the case of  most road bikes, this means that your maximum liability/security bond is only $1000 plus the cost of any motorcycle retrieval, subject to conditions below. The VIP option is available for $20 per day and provides ultimate peace of mind to help you enjoy your motorcycling adventure.

Important notes:

a. This insurance cover (all options) is subject to the terms and conditions of the Motorcycle Rental Contract some of which relate to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, unauthorised use of vehicle, riding/driving on the wrong side of the road and similar matters.

b. Any breach of the rental agreement including failure to obtain a Police incident report will void the insurance and make the hirer liable for all damage to the motorcycle, theft of the motorcycle or third party property damage.

c. Where a motorcycle has been crashed and is not able to be ridden any further, Aussie Biker is under no obligation to replace or supply another motorcycle for the completion of the journey and no compensation can be claimed by the hirer for the unused portion of the hire period.

d. The hirer agrees to reimburse Aussie Biker for all motorcycle retrieval and salvage costs over and above the hirer's maximum damage liability. In the case of an accident involving another vehicle, the hirer is required to pay the insurance excess regardless of who was responsible for the accident. We will reimburse the excess if and/or when we make recovery from another party.