Harley-Davidson Motorbike Pillion Tour

If you require gear for a Pillion passenger, please request in the notes or give us a call.
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Aussie Biker’s shortest Pillion ride is comprised of the highlights that makes Noosa, Aussie Biker’s HQ area, a beautiful and blooming town. Traveling to Noosa’s main river, stunning sand, Main Street, booming with brilliant food outlets and unique clothes and accessory shops, the woods, showing what the land is naturally comprised of, and Laguna Lookout, showing what you’ve just travelled and what the city actually is comprised of!

Our 2 hour Pillion Tour will take you through Noosa’s surrounding area, it’s gorgeous Hinterland, and country land. Including a stop for coffee, this tour provides a relaxed experience of sightseeing.

3 Hours with Aussie Biker will have the wind through your hair, visiting a neighbouring town, soaking in the landscape and their views. After some exploring we’ll have a stop to share a coffee and stretch the legs! Plenty more sights and lookouts in this tour, be sure to bring a camera!

Riding double for 4 Hours or more, a full day, we’ll design and explore a route that interests you the most! Noosa and the surrounding area is easily explored to connect one sight or experience to another, certainly a unique and beautiful area on the Sunny Coast. Include experiences such as a wine tour to the South Burnett wineries, if you wish. If you’re new to the area, you can be sure to see something of interest/something special on this tour!

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