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Sometimes, the daily grind gets to be simply too much—the thought of going in to work without a break in sight can make you long for an escape. When the opportunity to enjoy a holiday comes up, how will you choose to spend some welcome time away from the daily demands of normal life? Perhaps you've been thinking about climbing into the saddle of a motorbike hire to see Australia your way. The east coast can be your oyster; with extensive high-quality roads and a wealth of incredible cities, beautiful beaches, and bountiful natural scenery, a motorbike excursion could be the ideal antidote for your ennui.

At Aussie Biker Tours & Rentals, we've been providing motorbike hire and tailored bike tours up and down Australia for two decades and counting. During that time, we've learned exactly what makes a trip memorable, and we've done plenty of riding ourselves. With a late-model fleet of bikes that you can ride with pride, travelling hundreds of kilometres on one of our self-guided tours is fun and easy. However, we also offer plenty of other flexible options if you don't intend on taking several weeks to see the sights; daily and weekend rentals are available, too. With all that in mind, what are some important things to keep in mind as you prepare to gear up and ride off into the sunset?

Bringing you one of the best options for motorcycle rental in Australia

First, you'll need to settle on the route you want to take. This can help you make a choice when it comes to which motorbike you rent. Our tours present plenty of options. Head down the coast or see the mountains—it's your choice. Next, plan your packing. You'll need different types of gear to make the most of your tour, and you'll need to make it all fit in addition to essentials like clothing and toiletries. Water bottles, snacks, and other supplies are essential for safe and enjoyable travels. Finally, take advantage of longer rentals when possible. When you use our bike hire to see Australia and rent for six days, we'll give you a seventh day free. For rentals up to 20 days in length, we'll add in an extra two days, with no cap on how far you can travel.

Two decades of experience lead us to offer superior service

To make your journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible, we offer a variety of extras, including panniers, so you can load up your bike with everything you need during the trip. If you choose to embark on one of our longer motorbike hire tours of Australia with a rental of 12+ days, we'll throw in even more. As thanks, Aussie Biker Tours & Rentals will pay for both your first night's accommodation in Noosa and a transfer from the airport. Book even longer (24+ days) and we'll cover your last night's stay and the transfer back, too. Ready to escape your routine? Book now or contact us with your questions.